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Learn Arabic with DILAP The books which we offer have been designed by teachers who have had a long experience on the field. They have been developed according to the guidelines and official syllabus of the board of education and make use of teaching tools and methods which have been experienced and have proved efficient. Moreover these books have been used in situ, within the classroom, among non Arabic-speaking students of various ages, nationalities and backgrounds.



Teaching method Al-Manhaj

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      1- Teaching Arabic as a foreign language - with appropriate techniques - to Western students that are not native speakers. Educational research in Europe and particularly in France now enables one to learn Arabic as one would a western language. The process for teaching Arabic to a Westerner is radically different from that one would use with a native speaker.
      2- Arabic as a language of communication with goal-oriented pedagogical choices and modern teaching tools. To create an effective teaching program it is not enough to use the most sophisticated technology (microphones, CD's, phonetics software.). Teaching methods tested in actual conditions are even more important.

The gates of Arabic language

The reasons why we feel attracted to a foreign language are always quite personal; they depend on our own story and on our own background. Learning a language may at first sight look complex, demanding and time consuming.
That is why Dilap has come up with the idea of having several points of entry to the language, called gates.

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