Conjugating simple verbs in the present tense (or the unfinished)

Conjugating simple verbs in the present tense

Past and present : in arabic we prefer : finished and unfinished

To the grammar terms “past” and “present”, we will use the terms “finished” and “unfinished” which are more appropriate to the Arabic conjugation. The verbs will feature in the Lexis both in the finished (or past) and unfinished (or present) forms and conjugated in the third person in the masculine and singular. Example :

to drink شَرِبَ – يَشْرَبُ to study دَرَسَ – يَدْرُسُ
to succeed نَجَحَ – يَنْجَحُ to do, to work عَمِلَ – يَعْمَلُ
to know عَرَفَ – يَعْرِفُ

Note that the last the vowel mark sometimes changes in the next to last letter in the unfinished form.

Conjugation of  دَرَسَ – شَرِبَ – عَرَفَ

عَرِفَ – يَعْرَفُ شَرِبَ – يَشْرَبُ دَرَسَ – يَدْرُسُ Personal pronouns
أعرِف أشرَبْ أدرُسْ أنا
تَعرِف تَشْرَب تَدرُس أنتَ
تعرِفين تشربين تدرسين أنتِ
يعرِف يشرَب يدرُس هو
تَعرِف تشرَب تدرُس هي