Inner, outer and or broken plurals

Inner, outer and or broken plurals

There are three types of plurals :

1- Outer ( or regular) masculine plural

جمع المذكر السالم
To the singular you add the suffix ون when the word is used as a subject or ين when as direct or indirect complement. Example :

ممثل ج ممثلون

or else :
The letter ج means جمع = plural

2- Outer or regular feminine plural

جمع المؤنث السلم
The suffix ات is added in the singular after dropping the ة in the feminine singular. Example :
رسامة ج رسامات

3- Inner or broken plural :

جمع التكسير
Either by omitting and adding vowels or the shadda, the inner structure of the singular is modified. In Arabic, these (irregular) plurals are quite commonplace and can take different shapes; this is the reason why they are systematically indicated in the lexicon while the regular outer plurals will not be given.

Examples : طبيب \ أطباء – جواب / أجوبة – رائحة/روائح