Rules of the annexation in arabic grammar

Rules of the annexation in arabic grammar

The noun phrase simply consists in juxtaposing the two nouns, without using any link word.

  • A cup of coffee –> فنجان قهوة
  • The teacher’s book -> كتاب المعلِّم

It is usually agreed that the I (or tâ marbûta) will not be voiced in the feminine words. Yet when the first element of the annexation is itself in the feminine this letter will be heard :

  • University –> Jâmi’a –> جامعة
  • Beyruth’s university –> Jâmi’at Beyruth –> جامعة بيروة

Careful :

A certain number of rules are to be applied when you use an annexation:
– the first element never takes an article, nor the tanwin
– the second element (namely the noun phrase) is in the indirect case.

Examples : A history book كتاب تاريخ The history book كتاب التاريخ

Note that : – whenever the noun is determined, the article is used with the second element. – an annexation can involve more than two elements Example :

  • The teacher’s sister’s daughter –>بنت أخت المعلَم
  • In such a case the last element –>معلم is the one to take the article