Spelling of ta marbuta and lam

Spelling of ta marbuta and lam

tâ marbûta :

ة – تاء مربوطة
There is one letter which does not usually feature in the alphabet, namely the letter tâ’ marbûta. This letter’s position is always final and it often stresses the feminine gender. This letter is only written in two different ways :

1- as a joined letter, if the penultimate ( the last but one next to the last) letter is linked to the following one.


Examples : متشرفة – كريمة – السلامة

2- as an isolated final letter, if the preceding letter is not linked to it.


Examples : جديدة – تلميذة – سعيدة

Note : when speaking, this letter is not pronounced, unless there is an annexation, which we shall study later.

lâm – alif


The letter lâm º is usually joined from right to left, except when used with an alif G .When used with an alif, the letter lâm will slant to the left, as follows :

لـ + ا = لا

Examples : أهلا وسهلا – لا بأس – سلام Of course, the letter following alif is not joined to it.