The written Arabic with “Al-Manhaj”

The written Arabic with “Al-Manhaj”


The teaching method Al-Manhaj has been especially designed for non-Arabic speaking students. It complies with the syllabus counselled by the National Education and means to be a strict didactic tool for learners. It can be used both by students who wish to have a simple and easy access to the Arabic language, in view of higher studies or in order to use the language currently in their private or/and professional life. Perfectly adapted for self-learning for all those who cannot attend classes, this method can however also be used in classes provided the teacher make the necessary changes.

See extracts :
Summary, Lesson 02, Lesson 4-1, Lesson 4-2, Lesson 11.

Teaching Arabic as a second language implies using different teaching methods from the ones used for those who are studying Arabic as a « national language » and who already have a command of the dialectal language but are taught the literal (or written) Arabic at school in their countries. We can of course not use the same methods when teaching When teaching Arabic to English students since they have no notion of Arabic whatsoever.


In Europe as a whole, but more especially in France, the researches led on language teaching methods have been quite invaluable to the teaching of Arabic may now benefit from the latest and best means of learning the language. The language studied in the teaching method Al-Manhaj is modern written Arabic. Hard as it may be to give an appropriate and accurate definition of what modern written Arabic is it must be acknowledged.