The gates of arab language

The gates of arab language


Each of these gates will embody one main motivation. The gates make it possible to learn the language in different ways, none of them necessarily being a full approach to it but still remaining both fast and concrete ways to apprehend it. In that way the Great Gate to the Arabic language for a beginner would be our comprehensive teaching method called "Al-Manhaj" which will teach the learner the basics in grammar, spelling, phonetics, writing and vocabulary. Yet for those attracted to the mysteries of Arabic writing...

Our handbook entitled "Kitaba or the correct writing of Arabic" would be the ideal gate. Besides being a thorough collection of letter spellings, this book, which goes with a 65-minute audio cd, is a real phonetic gold mine to help the beginner become familiar with and absorb the accent, the pronunciation and the music of the Arabic language.

The appeal for the language may come from a desire to be able to exchange immediately in the oral, dialectal Arabic. If so, the best gate would be our handbook called "dialectal Al-Manhaj", which has been devised in relation to our book dealing with litteral Arabic, namely "Al-Manhaj". It tackles the learning of the oral, North African dialect in much the same thorough and methodological way. Each word or phrase is given its equivalent in written Arabic as well as its variants in the Moroccan, Tunisian and Algerian dialects.

Last of all, for intermediate learners who want to get a better grasp of part of the Arabic literature and culture, our book called "Sufis, Lovers and Eyes", which introduces many illustrated, handwritten texts, and goes with an Arabic/French lexicon, will be the appropriate gate to rapid, cursory reading.

Now thanks to DILAP the gates to the Arabic language will be wide open to you.